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All SIM cards are on sale! Prices reduced on most major prepaid wireless SIM cards, including MICRO and NANO sim card sizes.  Click to see all SIM cards on sale.
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Prepaid Phone Refills
Reload your prepaid phone. Discount prices, No Tax, No Shipping, all major carriers!
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Prepaid SIM cards ON Sale! We have Mini, Micro, and Nano SIMs for most major prepaid carriers.
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Learn more about the prepaid us cellular phones offered here.


Man I Am Nuts About Wireless is your affordable one-stop shop, when seeking to purchase prepaid us cellular phones, cell phone h2o, and page plus cell phones for sale.


Add minutes to your phone INSTANTLY today!

Choose your carrier below to refill your prepaid phone. No shipping and No Tax!

Airlink Refills

Airlink Mobile

Airvoice Refills

Airvoice Wireless

AT&T Go Phone Refills

AT&T Go Phone

Cricket PAYgo Refills

Cricket PAYgo

H2O Wireless CDMA Refills

H2O Wireless CDMA

H2O Wireless GSM Refills

H2O Wireless GSM

Lyca Mobile Refills

Lyca Mobile

Net10 Wireless Refills

Net10 Wireless

Page Plus Cellular Refills

Page Plus Cellular

Ptel Mobile Refills

Ptel Mobile

Ready Mobile PCS Refills

Ready Mobile PCS

Red Pocket Mobile CDMAS Refills

Red Pocket Mobile CDMAS

Red Pocket Mobile GSMA Refills

Red Pocket Mobile GSMA

Red Pocket Mobile GSMT Refills

Red Pocket Mobile GSMT

Simple Mobile Refills

Simple Mobile

TelCel America Refills

TelCel America

T-Mobile Real-Time Refills

T-Mobile Real-Time-Refills

Total Call Mobile Refills

Total Call Mobile

TracFone Refills

TracFone Wireless

Ultra Mobile Refills

Ultra Mobile

Verizon Prepaid Refills

Verizon Wireless Prepaid

Prepaid US Cellular Phones and Page Plus Cell Phones for Sale


The freedom of prepaid us cellular phones is without comparison. No contracts, no hidden fees and, in many cases, unlimited usage. The companies selling these services use traditional towers which they lease from usual providers.


If you live in an urban area, chances are you've got pretty good coverage for your prepaid us cellular phones. Indeed, in most urban areas there are several prepaid us cellular phones providers. You can walk away from most stores with a functional cell phone in hand after only 15 minutes of setup and a small initial payment. Prepaid cell phones such as cell phone h2o

and page plus cell phones for sale are offered at affordable rates and do not require you to give up functionality or service.



There are many alternatives to consider when purchasing a prepaid cell phone. Prepaid US cellularphones, cell phone h2o or one of the newer Page Plus cell phones for sale, are all good options. The key here is to spend some time at each provider's website and educate yourself on the advantages and disadvantages of their specific plans to make an informed decision.


Rank your needs and preferences in a simple table, and try to find the best two or three providers for your most pressing needs. Do you require fast data or unlimited national calls? Are international calls important to you? In any event, do not postpone your research as you can save hundreds of monthly dollars by switching to a prepaid provider (and still enjoy top quality service).


Page Plus offers a large assortment of terrific prepaid cell phone planes. The company's website featuresan up-to-date catalog of the most in-demand prepaid cell phones. No resource on the Internet is moreconvenient if you plan to research and purchase a prepaid cell phone.


Get yourself a cell phone h2o or other prepaid cellular today, and start saving on mobile telephony. You can save an incredibly amount of money.

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